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Pocono Bike Club

2018 Board of Directors


Matt Arnold

Biker Extraordinaire

I am a mountain biker at heart who wants to leave more than I have taken. I wish I had as many medals as I have had sand bags, but for that I am humbled and grateful. Giving back is what I’m all about. Who wants a sand box?!

Daniel Brodeen

Mountain Biker, Dad, Bike Mechanic, Race Organizer, Man of Many Talents.

Dan is passionate about creating and maintaining local trails while providing opportunities for regional athletes to compete on club maintained trail systems. He also organizes events outside of the club such as the Cranks Around the Campfire MTB festival. Dan enjoys winter fat biking, club road rides, and enduro laps at the Glen.

Jessica Marelli

Skier, Mountain Biker, Generally Cool Person

Jessica does things for the bike club that you probably didn't know about, and she doesn't like the beer at Barley Creek so that's a black mark against her.

Jamie Hibell

CX Rider, Hardman.

Jamie rides his bike through terrible terrible mud and obstacles for reasons we aren't quite clear about... and neither is he.